Everblue Training

  • Executive Summary : Foresight migrated Everblue Training’s software product from Rackspace to AWS, then modernized it to a cloud-native, multi-tenant, containerized, and serverless architecture.
  • Industry: Education
  • Category : Rackspace, AWS, Migration, Modernization

The Challenge

Everblue’s training software resided in Rackspace, making it expensive per customer and difficult to scale for the growth they anticipated. The application was monolithic, making feature development difficult.

The Solution

Foresight met with Everblue to evaluate their software platform, reviewing their business goals and the problems they were trying to solve. After a thorough review of their business goals and challenges, Foresight developed a comprehensive plan for Everblue to consider migrating their platform to AWS.

To support the new platform, Foresight set up multiple AWS accounts, enabling easier scaling of infrastructure. An initial lift and shift from Rackspace to docker containers on AWS was performed, followed by the creation of a central logging account to host all the logs across the platform. Opensearch and Cloudwatch were utilized for observability and log monitoring, with SNS used for error reporting through AWS Chatbot.

To ensure efficient deployment and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure, Foresight utilized Terraform, the AWS Chalice CLI, and AWS CDK for infrastructure as code. Deployments were handled with Github actions, providing a streamlined and efficient workflow.

The application was modernized using containers, serverless technologies, and cloud-native databases. The application was orchestrated with a combination of ECS Fargate and Lambda functions, providing greater flexibility and scalability.

Foresight also modernized the databases to RDS Postgres, utilizing a dump and restore methodology wherever possible. For mission-critical databases, the team utilized the Database Migration Service (DMS) for seamless and efficient migration.

Overall, the migration to AWS enabled Everblue to achieve their business goals with a more modern and efficient platform, while ensuring security and scalability. Foresight's comprehensive approach to the migration and use of AWS services helped to ensure a successful outcome for Everblue.


As a result of this migration and modernization effort, Everblue realized multiple benefits:

  • Scalability: By using AWS services such as ECS Fargate and Lambda functions, Everblue can more easily scale their infrastructure to meet changing demand. This means they can handle more traffic and users without experiencing performance issues or downtime.
  • Cost savings: By modernizing their infrastructure and databases, Everblue can take advantage of more cost-effective services such as serverless technologies and cloud-native databases. This can help them reduce their overall infrastructure costs and improve their bottom line.
  • Improved security: AWS provides a robust security framework, including features such as built-in encryption and access control. By migrating to AWS, Everblue can take advantage of these security features and ensure that their platform and customer data are secure.
  • Greater flexibility: By utilizing infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform, AWS Chalice CLI, and AWS CDK, Everblue can more easily manage and deploy their infrastructure. This means they can be more responsive to changing business needs and deploy new features more quickly.
  • Better performance: By using modernized databases such as RDS Postgres and modern orchestration techniques like ECS Fargate, Everblue can achieve better performance and reliability. This means their platform will be more responsive and provide a better user experience for their customers.

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