We believe that cloud technology is integral to a modern organization's growth.

In today's fast-paced technology environment, being able to move quickly and efficiently can often make all the difference. We partner with companies for the long-run, enable them better understand their business goals, and assist teams to achieve best-in-class results.

Our team is what enables us to provide unparalleled service.

We have assembled a world-class team to complement your own. Our specialties include DevOps, automation, networking, security, and we have a total of over a dozen AWS certifications collectively. AWS recognizes our team as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner as well as an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Our clients span a variety of industries, including Healthcare, FinTech, IoT, AI, and more.

Our Team
With two AWS certifications, over 6 years of AWS experience, and an obsession with distributed systems and automation, Yehuda leads the engineering team at Foresight. A former Amazon engineer himself, Yehuda works with our engineers to translate business requirements into technical requirements and ensures that our deliverables are up to par. He also coaches our engineers to help ensure they are adhering to industry best practices.
Evan brings over 10 years of experience in DevOps, having led projects of all sizes. He's migrated customers from on-premise monolith infrastructure to serverless architecture on AWS, built pipeline driven workflows, and has extensive experience in AWS GovCloud. He holds six AWS certifications, including Specialty certifications in Advanced Networking and Security.
Yosef runs our team's operations and is responsible for ensuring that our engineering team has the resources it needs to exceed client expectations. Previously, Yosef ran big data analytics projects for enterprise companies including Blackrock, HSBC, and BP. He started his career in equity research where his team was ranked #1 on the Street for earnings accuracy predictions.

Adam Resnick

Director of IT Services
Adam brings over 30 years of experience running on-prem IT Departments for small-medium businesses. His extensive experience includes Windows 10, macOS, Azure Active Directory, device management, Office365 migrations, and more. Adam holds a black belt with the Philadelphia School of Korean Karate and taught karate for 8 years.

Sean Robinson

Senior Cloud Engineer
Sean is a Senior Cloud Engineer with Foresight Technologies bringing experience in cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, and full-stack development. In his off-hours, he can be found spending time with his growing family, debugging and testing as a CodeWeaver's BetterTester, or honing his guitar-playing skills.

John Hamaday

Systems Engineer
John has over a decade of experience working in Retail and Corporate IT. He specializes in Hardware/Software troubleshooting and bringing relief to end users. In his spare time, John loves gaming, building computers, and computer networking.

Laurell McCaffrey

Senior Cloud Engineer
Laurell joined Foresight Technologies as a Cloud Engineer with a passion for art and tech. Her skills include full stack development and front-end design. As a true New York History nerd, she spends her weekends giving tours about 18th Century America at the museum and historic landmark, Fraunces Tavern. If she is not in front of a computer, you can find her at a concert, at a museum, or outside hiking and biking.

Ian Keane

Cloud Engineer II
Ian previously worked on software for companies in the EHR and manufacturing industries, where he specialized in databases, integrations between existing tools, and automating workflows. In his spare time, Ian enjoys woodworking, playing old-time banjo, and riding dual sport motorcycles.

Phil Runkel

Senior Systems Engineer
Phil has over a decade of experience in systems and virtualization, and has worked in a variety of IT environments. He completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in French horn performance, before shifting to IT as a Linux Sysadmin in 2010. Outside of work, Phil enjoys spending time with his family, playing horn with the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, and playing music with friends.

Michael Mihalchik

Cloud Engineer II
Michael joined Foresight as a Cloud Engineer after completing App Academy's Fullstack Software Engineer Program, where he built an interview bot to help developers practice and prepare for interviews. When Michael is not in the cloud, he can be found spending time with his wife and three sons, listening to audiobooks, or rereading books by Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey.

Maxine Meurer

Cloud Engineer
Maxine joins us as a Cloud Engineer with a background in environmental science. After working as a preschool teacher and illustrating a children's book, she transitioned into software engineering and completed Flatiron School's Software Engineering bootcamp. In her spare time, Maxine can be found enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with her family.

Brennan Judge

Associate Systems Engineer
Brennan graduated Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, a Minor in Security and Risk Analysis, a Certificate in Earth Science, and a Certificate from the National Security Agency. He made the switch to IT from Technical Theater in 2019. When Brennan has free time, he volunteers as a firefighter/EMT, and enjoys gaming, spending time with friends, and cooking.

Sarah Kurdt

Operations Manager
Sarah joined Foresight Technologies as an Operations Manager. She worked in operations and community management in NYC before making her way to Philadelphia in 2020 with her beloved rescue cat, George. When she is not helping out the Foresight team, you can find her running her monthly book club, baking a new recipe or seeing a local concert.

Dan Hyman

Cloud Engineer
Dan is a cloud engineer at Foresight Technologies. After a decade spent in the restaurant industry — working at a James Beard-nominated restaurant, as an executive chef, and as a corporate catering director — Dan put away his knives and began teaching himself software engineering. He went on to complete Flatiron School’s immersive bootcamp in New York City. In his free time, Dan enjoys working out, biking in Upstate New York, and adapting to life as a home cook.

Daniel LaVergne

Cloud Engineer
Daniel was born and raised in Minnesota, and spent the last 12 years working as a security supervisor. At the end of 2020, he graduated with a BS in Computer Science. In 2021, Daniel enrolled in App Academy and graduated this March. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing Heroes of the Storm, and reading Fantasy novels.

Jesse Schoepfer

Senior Systems Engineer
Jesse has been a passionate technologist for over a decade, always tinkering and trying new things. He brings an interest in both project management and agile software engineering to Foresight as a Senior Systems Engineer. As a person with a background in both psychology and sociology, he always tries to bring a friendly voice to the conversation. He enjoys playing with micro-controllers and working out in his free time.

Alex Ayllon

Cloud Engineer
Alex has a degree in Computer Engineering from NJIT with DevOps experience, including working with CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure management, and automation scripting. He has a great passion for learning whether it's about engineering, new languages, or the arts. When Alex not working with the cloud, you'll find him searching for new music, playing video games, or spending time with his significant other and family.

Pete Shepley

Senior Systems Architect
Pete loves to solve puzzles and sift through requirements to create seamless, clean systems design. He has navigated the shores of education, financial, streaming media, knowledge management, and science industries as a software engineer for more than 15 years. Pete is married to a writer and is raising two creative humans whose energies, no doubt, keep his logical brain in check.

Francisco Castello

Principal Cloud Engineer
Francisco holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering and is passionate about cloud native technologies, Kubernetes, Linux, and networking. He has helped multiple companies scale and design for horizontal scalability and resilient architectures. When he is not working, Francisco's passions include IoT, home automation, spending time with his family, kitesurfing, snowboarding, running, hiking, and swimming.

Bryant Logan

Cloud Engineer
Bryant joins us as a Cloud Engineer who is passionate about automation and has three AWS certifications. Having previously worked in sales, he is a good listener and intuitive problem-solver. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, digital photography, and cooking.

Emily Armstrong

Cloud Engineer
Emily joined Foresight as a Cloud Engineer with a background in education and healthcare. She transitioned into software engineering after graduating from the 100Devs 2022 cohort in full stack web development. Outside of work, Emily is an avid reader, gamer, and crossword enthusiast, and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

We're always looking to add top talent to our team. Reach out to us if you'd like to join us on our journey of transforming organizations using DevOps.